Top 5 Favourite Lipsticks

Hi, one of my favourite things is makeup, when I was younger I didn't care I thought I would never like that, but I was wrong.

One of my favourite things is lipstick, I don't know, some colours I probably won't use, but i love going to a store and see and try new ones.

If I go to a store, when I came out my hand is colourful!

So, today I bring you my top 5 favourite lipsticks :
( photo order )

• HUDABEAUTY Liquid Matte - Vixen
• KIKO Intensely Lavish Lipstick - 03
• MAYBELLINE Vivid Matte Liquid - 35 Rebel Red
• KIKO - 924
• Lasting Finish By KATE - 01

Ana Maia

Going on holiday

Hi, so today i decided that I wanted talk about next week...
This week i'm going on holiday with 3 friends to Mexico.
It's my first plane holiday, i don't know what to expect because it's all new to me.
I have a giant list of things i need to take with me but i always think " what did I forgot ? " , it's really scary to be honest!
I never know what to take with me when i go on holiday, the only difference is that i can take what i want because i don't have a limit, because we go in our own car..
I think it's gonna be a week that i will look back and think " it was amazing " , at least I HOPE !

let's see what happens 🎉🎉🎉

Long time, good news !

Long time, no see !
I still don't have my laptop, so I'm doing this on my 'home computer', i just wanted to say that I'm gonna try come here more often because I really miss post blogs and write !

So, the good news: I started my youtube channel, I know it's not a really good one but I'm starting and in the future it's gonna be better !!

Please check out and subscribe to my channel, so you can be notified when I upload a new vídeo and you can see that I'm gonna do better !!

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Ana Maia

Prom Look

Here is my prom dress, it is a blue sea, like it is not a blue but also it is not green. 
It was the dress that I always dream for this day! 

I have nails gel, I really like them I just used nail polish and I am holding my iPhone 6 with my case that I bought on ebay. 

I hope you like, next week i'm going to post a YouTube video about week/weekend/school looks! 
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Ana Maia 

Prom Makeup

So, here it is the blog post about my prom, in this part I am going to talk about my makeup.
I went for something more natural, I didn't want to do a look really strong because my dress had that " job " !
 A few weeks ago I bought a new pallet from Maybelline and I love the colors in that palleet.
The Classic eyeliner is always a good choice, so I wear that !
And then I uses the normal stuff: lip liner, mascara, fundation, powder, concealer, etc.

Ana Maia 

Pre - Prom Post

Next friday is my prom. I'm really excited about that, I'm gonna do a blog post and maybe start my youtube channel with that, because its a good opportunity to do that.

Today I just let here some of the products that i'm gonna use tomorrow !

Don't forget to subscribe to my channel so you can see the vídeo that i'm gonna post, clicking HERE !

Ana Maia

Weekend look

Last weekend, me and my family went on a trip for the day.
I wear something casual but at the same time different and for the occasion, so as you can see in the pictures I have my jeans and jacket from stradivarius, also I have my top which I don't remember where I bought, my bag and sunglasses. 
For makeup it was really simple, just fundation, mascara, powder, highlighter and a lip liner.
I'm really obsessed with these colors for lips. My prom is next friday and I'm probably gonna wear that color.

Ana Maia