Best/ hardest walk ever

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Yesterday, me and two of my friends sent to a 9 km walk, we climb 670 stairs, in the total of 1100 ( i don't know how many are in total ), it was really hard because we weren't prepared for that, we thought it was a little bit easier although we heard from people the opposite.. 

The view was amazing, the river was verte strong and it make everything even more beautiful. I couldn't ask for a better view, for better place for taking photos, for spending the day with friends. 
Its amazing that with little things we can make the best memories, we don't need a lot of think to make the best of the day. 

P.S. - every single one of the photos that i post in this blog are of me or taken by me ! I don't Google images or download images of another blogs or other places !

Ana Maia 

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